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Caroline Solowjew

Caroline Solowjew — Convergent Training & Coaching Personal Mannheim
Caroline Solowjew

Who wants to get ahead, has to overcome borders. In professional environments, these are mainly the limits of methods and disciplines. Based on this conviction I founded in 2009 Convergent Training & Coaching. I wanted to make varied programs that benefit from my experience, interests and my knowledge in different fields.

Thus merge about business methods for the daily work with vocal techniques or theater and dance basics into one unit. The topic of body language and perception plays a central role: My love for music and dance as well as a coaching with Samy Molcho have made it a focal point of my training.

I believe in

  • The body is always talking, always faster .... and has (mostly) right.
  • Pure knowledge is overrated - we come into action!
  • Everything is a question of fit.
  • Voice makes mood.
  • When we are playing learn we have always won.
  • What drives us? Do more of it!
  • Each seminar should be an event.
  • Mutual appreciation is the solution.
  • Only the human being, then the processes.
  • Know something that makes him endearing in every human being.
  • Smile - you'll confuse your environment.
  • Raise questions and give momentum is more important than answers.
  • We always play roles. Who knows, yet remains with you, is wise.


  • Study of German Language and Literature, Political Science and Business Administration, Masters degree (University of Mannheim)
  • Teacher training for suggestopedia (DGSL-certified)
  • Training as systemic coach (Heidelberg University of Education)
  • 10 years private vocal training
  • Many years of international professional experience in human resource development, training design and implementation in industry, trade and consultancy
  • Lecturer at the University of Mannheim and the Duale Hochschule Baden Württemberg Mannheim

Further developments

  • Zurich Resource Model Basic Course
  • Hochschuldidaktik - based workshop teaching + recess
  • Coaching at Samy Molcho
  • Acting Course
  • Train the Trainer (speech and voice training)