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Everyone wants to test

Oh, I've been so worried about you ever since you ran off the other night. Are you okay? I'm sorry I have to go. Isn't he a dream boat? What a nightmare. Calvin. Alright, take it up, go. Doc. Uh, yeah.

What's the meaning of this. Well, Marty, I'm almost eighteen-years-old, it's not like I've never parked before. What's the meaning of this. Marty, you seem so nervous, is something wrong? My equipment, that reminds me, Marty, you better not hook up to the amplifier. There's a slight possibility for overload.

Well looky what we have here. No no no, you're staying right here with me. What? Ahh. I'm telling the truth, Doc, you gotta believe me. Hey c'mon, I had to change, you think I'm going back in that zoot suit? The old man really came through it worked.